Your newest free PIAVA/DC member benefit...PIAVA/DC Agency Assist ™ is an exclusive new member benefit that can help you save money and start resolving problems now.  Need tax advice or have a regulatory issue with the BOI? Need an appraisal for a book of business or need to resolve a tough employee contract problem? Free help for PIA members is a simple call away...think of PIAVA/DC first and call 804-264-2582.  These services are provided to you exclusively through  PIAVA/DC Agency Assist ™ , a suite of PIA consultative resources designed to help PIA member-agents solve everyday agency and personal problems, including how togrow your agency value and prepare to buy, sell, perpetuate, merge, appraise or transfer the ownership of an agency business, with the help of experienced professionals in a variety of business pursuits.

PIAVA/DC Agency Assist ™
offers PIA members a one-hour free consultation per year with each of up to seven experienced professional practitioners.  In addition to one hour/year of local assistance from one of our seven attorneys, PIAVA/DC offers one hour/year of free consultation from each of our seven professional service providers, including CPA and tax consultation; agency perpetuation, agency management and workflow analysis; producer compensation and productivity analysis; relationship brokerage between agency purchasers and sellers; financing for agency purchases; agency human relations consulting; business planning;  agency valuation and insurance agent business coaching services.  All are experts in their fields, and are a phone call away at 804-264-2582. Limit one attorney call per year. Your one-hour/year per consultant is a $250/hour value. If you take advantage of all 7, that's $1,750 of free consulting time annually.  It’s another value-added benefit of PIAVA/DC membership. For help, call PIAVA/DC at 804-264-2682 or e-mail for information on new services available to PIA members only.