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PIAVA/DC Amazing Race in Roanoke

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     This event is something new for PIA and unique to Roanoke, VA. Coordinated by PIA’s Young Professional’s Council (YPC), the PIA Amazing Race in Roanoke is a very different type of mildly competitive venue for people of all ages and abilities. For the past several months, PIA staff has worked with a professional orienteering company - Odyssey Adventure Racing headquartered in Roanoke - to create a modestly competitive, one-of-a-kind event for people of all ages and capabilities. 
     The PIA Amazing Race in Roanoke is a 4-5 hour outdoor event, from 1 pm until 5 or 6 p.m. on Monday, June 25, 2012, starting and finishing at the Hotel Roanoke. It’s is an urban adventure that incorporates some of Roanoke’s finest landmarks, restaurants, museums, and merchants  while teaching 48-74 participants a lot of what downtown Roanoke has to offer.
     Teams of two people (participants must be at least 18 years old) will travel from one checkpoint to the next on foot, by bicycle, and/or public transit to get a clue to their next destination. Teams may have to complete a challenge (mental, physical or other) before receiving their next clue at each checkpoint. By incorporating different modes of transportation, greenways, city parks, historical landmarks, restaurants, shops and neighborhoods, the PIA Amazing Race in Roanoke will expose PIA convention participants to some of the city’s most beautiful and worthwhile features. 
     Participants need basic road mapping skill; a digital camera (a cell phone will do), at least one cell phone per team (for safety), and comfortable shoes and clothes, including rain gear if needed.  A GPS or compass is not required, but may be helpful to some. Average temperature for Roanoke in late June is 75 degrees, so plan to dress accordingly. Each participant will be provided with a drawstring backpack for snacks and water during the race. Race sponsors are providinggoodies for your backpacks, includingsnack kits; water bottles; lip balm, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, unique participant T-shirts with race art graphics and other items.
     Onsite race registration will begin at 1 p.m. Sunday afternoon, June 24, at Hotel Roanoke near the PIA registration area and will continue Monday morning, June 25, from 9 – Noon. Necessary forms will be completed by all participants at on-site registration. If you do not have a race partner, one will be assigned to you.  You will not be allowed to pre-run the race course.
     Racer check-in begins at Noon Monday. We suggest you arrive early with your partner, where you will receive your backpacks, specific race info, detailed instructions, maps, etc.   Come to check-in completely prepared to race. All racers will be staged in numerical order at Hotel Roanoke leaving in 1-2 minute intervals, in three separate groups which leave at the same time, but going on different race courses. All racers will go the same places, just in a different order (to eliminate any follow-the-leader type racing).  At the beginning of the course and at each checkpoint, racers will be given a clue to their next checkpoint and instructions on what mode of transportation to use to get to their next checkpoint. Some checkpoints require racers to complete a mental, physical or social challenge prior to receiving their next clue.  Modes of transportation include by foot (jogging or walking), bicycling and public transit (trolley).   Fastest teams to complete the course will be the winners; we’ll have cash prizes for first, second and third place teams. Race is limited to 74 participants or 37 two-person teams.
     Registration is separate from PIA Convention registration and is only $20/person or $40/per 2-person team.  Call PIA at 804-264-2582 or e-mail: with any questions you have.  Onsite race registration will begin at 1 p.m. Sunday afternoon, June 24, at Hotel Roanoke near the PIA registration area and will continue Monday morning, June 25, from 9 – Noon.